aurora spain


The purpose of my paintings is to lift the spirits. They do this by combining passionate colour with images drawn both from nature and imagination. I use elements of fantasy, sometimes bordering on surrealism, but always grounded in close observation of nature. I am fascinated by the theory as well as practice of light and colour. I also draw on all this in my commissions and in my teaching, which I see as an intrinsic part of my development and communication, whether in my weekly classes, painting holidays in the inspirational setting of San Nicolau, Catalonia, workshops or individual tuition.

I have been a professional artist since 1995. My continual passion for the creative visual arts and the love of colour has led me to develop personalised and unique techniques through extensive research, study of the work of notable artists and constant experimentation with colour, practical applications and composition.

I studied at the JJA Academy of Art and Design, the Open College of the Arts and South Hill Park. I am also expert in decorative paint effects, gilding and restoration.

Much of my work is carried out to commission, which I find both challenging and exciting.

Although able to work in most media Aurora prefers demonstrating oils and acrylics, including the new Atelier Interactive acrylis.

Aurora recently demonstrated the Atelier Interactive paints at the Art In Action fair in Waterperry near Oxford in July and at Camberley art group in September. 'I really like using these paints' Aurora says, 'They are extremely versatile - they can be applied using either water colour or oil techniques. A big advantage is that they can be reactivated once they're dry.' At the demonstrations Aurora used them with the new Waterford Saunders 300lb HP paper, treated with gesso.

Workshops include:-

The Bigger Picture where each participant completes a jigsaw extract from a well-known painting in their own stily and coloruing and then all the pieces are assembled - its fun and some amazing results can be achieved.

Colour Theory - a particular interest and workshops are based on Itten, Munsell and Betty Edwards.

Experimenting with abastraction

Experimenting with materials including household items such as clingfilm, newspaper, bubblewrap etc.