Vicki Norman

Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Pencils
Landscapes, Townscapes, Figures, Still Life, Portraits

Vicki Norman Studio now offers an Online Art School, participants can join live online workshops on a broad variety of painting subjects and principles or take advantage of the individual ‘bite-size lessons’ to study at home in their own space and time. An expert tutor and demonstrator, Vicki is recognised for her clear communication and boundless enthusiasm:

"I've learned so much that I'm just absolutely amazed, and I thank you, thank you, thank you. I taught elementary school for 32 years, and recognize a good teacher when I see one. Not every great artist is a great teacher, but you manage to combine both, and you genuinely want to share your knowledge and see your students progress and succeed. It's a beautiful thing!" L Francis, Florida USA

Location is no longer a barrier and Vicki’s workshop participants include painters in Australia, Mexico and across the USA and Europe.

Based in Shropshire, England, Vicki Norman received her BA in Fine Art in 2000 and went on to work as an illustrator, she later qualified for a teaching certificate specialising in post-16 education. In recent years, she has studied with master painters and sculptors around the globe, all the time searching for traditional skills and methods which can be applied to paintings of a modern world.

A keen traveller, Vicki is fascinated with the unique combination of light and landscape in each location as she makes paintings that capture a strong sense of place through colour, shape and light. Inspired by both contemporary and past masters, Vicki’s paintings employ an historical skill set with a fresh, personal approach. Her works have won awards in the UK, Ireland and Bermuda. She is a regular contributor to plein air events and competitions on both sides of the Atlantic. Vicki has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London.

To visit Vicki’s Online Art School and view her paintings please visit

I am also available for demonstrations and workshops and I am happy to travel across the UK if expenses can be covered.