Two Rivers Paper Company

Watercolour paper
Talk and demonstration on paper making

Jim Patterson, owner operator of The Two Rivers Paper Company, and accomplished watercolourist and draughtsman is available to art societies as a speaker.

A typical presentation on 'Paper for Artists' draws on his deep knowledge of all types of paper and is much more than a sales pitch for Two Rivers!

Aspects covered include the differences between rag and woodpulp, absorbency, surface textures, stretching, coloured paper, right and wrong sides and value for money - not in a dry technical manner but relating to the various techniques and media used by artists.

His talk is illustrated by a short video sequence showing making of paper at his mill, practical demonstrations of wash and lifting, and with original finished art works from the mill's collection.

Being an experienced, and humorous speaker, his enthusiastic delivery always provokes a lively question and answer session.

Pochettes, pads, and full sheets from the TR range are offered for sale to the meeting at heavily discounted prices.