Tony Homer

Acrylics, Line & Wash, Mixed, Printing
Semi-abstract, Landscapes, River & Seascapes, Architecture, Urban Industrial

Since retiring from teaching two years ago I have focused on painting and exhibiting. I have recently had my studio refurbished and enjoy working outside and within the studio space.

Working from the landscape is important to me and I like to use sketchbooks and colour studies to collect information. This is then used in my studio to create larger paintings that explore the themes that arise from the earlier studies. I like overlaying glazes and work texture and pattern into the surface of the painting. Compositions are often changed or amended to achieve the feel of a place.

Studio practice allows time to control the development of the techniques and processes I use. Work can become abstracted but the origins are all from a personal engagement with the environment.

Throughout my teaching career I have valued the collaboration with other colleges and students. This has been beneficial when giving demonstrations and workshops.

Workshops and Demonstrations.

Drawing and painting is key to all my work and I encourage people attending workshops to draw from life. I always bring along sketchbooks full of early drawing and colour studies. These show the development of ideas and composition used in my work.

I like to show how I work in the studio using particular themes which are relevant to the workshop. These vary from landscape, seascapes, buildings, boats and urban references like stations and waterways.

I normally start with two or three colour studies, which I use to compose a larger painting during the demonstration. I like to talk about the techniques and process I use when painting. Tips on types of paper, paint brushes and techniques are always well received.

I enjoy talking about Art History and use many references to artists that are relevant to the demonstration. Workshops take on a similar format that will include some practical explorations of the theme selected. I like to give individual advice about work in progress and how ideas might be improved with other techniques.

By the end of a demonstration I aim to complete one of the larger studies and discuss improvements that could be made given more time.

Based in Devon, I am happy to travel to groups in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Avon.