Sonia Bacchus



Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Pastels, Pencils, Line & Wash, Gouache, Mixed, Resin
Portraits, Pets, Landscapes, Still Life, Nudes, Talks, Abstract, Caricatures

My name is Sonia Bacchus, I was born in Lodz, Poland where I studied for a Master of Fine Art Degree. On completing my degree I worked as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Art in Poland and as an Art Therapist for people with Mental disabilities. I was also involved with the film industry as a scenery artist and wardrobe assistant. From 2000 I worked on various international films including Proof of Life (Russell Crowe), George and the Dragon (Val Kimer) Four Feathers (Heath Ledger), Elizabeth the 1st (Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren) and Damned United (Michael Sheen). My work involved painting murals and making costumes.

I now live in the UK where I give demonstrations, talks and offer tuition. My subjects include portraits of people and pets, landscapes, still life, murals and nudes, plus paintings inspired by the old masters. Plus I have a new demonstration on caricatures. I am also available for talks on The History of Art, Art composition and The Relativism of Colours. I also make narrative jewellery.

The inspiration for my work is from the Old Masters, I appreciate their attention to detail. I like the light in Rembrandts work, the subtlety of the soft light in Vermeer’s paintings. My paintings are figurative, metamorphic representation. The main key to my art is the relationship between light and shadow. Colours are also a very important aspect of my work so I use them sparingly with respect and with the knowledge of the relativism.

Based in Milton Keynes I am available for demonstrations in Bucks and surrounding counties or 2 hour driving distance.