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"Ladies of Sometime Truth"

"Carrying On"
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How we can develop our creativity, Talks, Demos, Workshops

Born and educated in Glasgow Graduated in Drawing & Painting; Then an Honours Degree with The Open University majoring on 20th century Arts, History and Philosophy. I have exhibited in Scotland, Northern England and now mainly in the Home Counties, where I have lived for the past three years.

My own work is usually allegorical in nature whether featuring the Human figure (my main subject), Landscape or Still Life. It always leaves space for the viewer to enter into the picture, developing their own ideas with whatever narrative I have implied. It is mainly for private collectors, often commissioned for home or office to a theme which interests them. The main influences come from the Old Masters coupled with theatre, film and photography. I try to integrate these potent sources to make intriguing, often mysterious images that will provoke a reaction in the viewer.

In my Classes, Talks, Workshops and Demonstrations, the main interest is in how you can develop your own creativity, not usually in technique for its own sake.

TALKS, WORKSHOPS, DEMONSTRATIONS - here is a selection of the topics I currently offer. Other topics can be given by arrangement:-

CATCHING THE IMAGE - Demo (with Slides) : Workshop

Where do ideas come from? How can we develop them in their most powerful form? By looking carefully at sources of inspiration we can get closer to what really interests us as artists and develop our ideas. I give practical examples and ways of using this method in your won work. Most groups find it a revelation!

DRIP, GAMBLE AND SPLAT! - Demo (With Slides) : Workshop

Since the cavemen, we have used Chance methods to generate ideas and get past our creative inhibitions. We look at different, practical ways of doing this relevant to all styles and interests. A wide ranging introduction looks at examples from many different artists and periods, followed by a practical session where I work on a couple of new pieces, often using thoughts generated by Chance in the audience of course!

EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY - Demo (inc Slides) : Workshop

Over the centuries many of our greatest artists have been inspired by words. We look at great examples by several different artists followed by a practical session which looks at how this works and how you can use it too.

I’VE ONLY GOT A PENCIL! - Demo (inc Slides) : Workshop

Never overlook the humble pencil - it’s our best friend! Different types of pencil, different techniques for different reasons from quick sketches to larger scale finished works, the pencil can do them all!

HOW TO USE PHOTOGRAPHS - Demo (inc Slides) : Workshop

Photographs are now one of the most used sources for artists for all sorts of reasons - and there is a lot of rubbish talked about using them. We aim to cut through this and so we look at:- Different types of photos; Why, How and When to use them. Above all - you use the photograph, it doesn’t use you!

OUT OF DARKNESS - Talk with Slides

Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Two towering geniuses; Two very different personalities;Two very different societies. We look at what it meant to be an “artist” then and how their careers developed. Finally we ask, why the Darkness, and what did it mean for them?


The Human Figure - Shock and Awe! Two individuals who determined to go their own way regardless of consequences. Two of the last great figure painters? Great friends for a while through their shared obsessions and attitudes, but very different approaches to their dominant subject - the Human Figure.

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