Philip J Boville

Acrylic, Oils, Pencils, Gouache, Charcoal
Landscapes, Seascapes, Skies

Work by Philip J. Boville is regularly shown in the Palace Arts Gallery, Redcar. While his dramatic painting of the World’s Oldest Lifeboat the Zetland is on permanent display in the Zetland Lifeboat Museum and Redcar Heritage Centre. “Hard on the Blue” is an acrylic painting 48x36 inches which tells of a true story, where in 1854 the Zetland Lifeboat save the soles of 52 men, from a stricken ship on the rocks off Redcar. The painting required over 30 men to come and pose for the artist, taking part as crew members and survivor’s from this historic moment. 

Philip gives animated talks about his work on major pieces such as “Hard on the Blue” to reading groups, historical associations and art societies and also talks about other contemporary works like “Dangerous Waters” an RNLI rescue of true bravery.

Aside from P. J. Boville’s historic painting’s he is known locally for is paintings of the steel industry. His use colour and glazing technique produces a convincing picture of hot rolled steel. 

Philip is also an accomplished portrait artist with his latest work of the Mayor of Redcar in full ceremonial dress. The mayor was so delighted she was quoted saying “It is a wonderful portrait and I am very grateful to have this once in a lifetime memento of my term as Mayor. I hope this portrait will inspire my grandchildren and their grandchildren in the future to help them realise that background need not be a barrier to achieving great things.”

His talks can last approximately 60 minutes where he presents a powerpoint presentation which may include video and music. As a number of his major works represent the telling of a true story he finds them interesting for a broad audience. 

Philip also offers demonstrations to art clubs and socieites providing examples of his work method in oils, acrylic, gouache and charcoal drawing.

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