Pascale Bigot

Acrylic, Pastel, Mixed, Watercolour Pencils, Ink
Landscapes, Boats, Musicians, Still Life, Carnival, Ladies, Animals
W Midlands

Pascale was born in Tulle, France and always loved drawing and painting even as a child. She studied Architecture in Clemont-Ferrand and joined the evening classes at Les Beaux Arts where she used charcoal and sanguine in her drawings.

After moving to Versailles she started to use watercolour in her drawings and began to sell her paintings in Paris and had her first solo exhibitions in France. Pascale was surprised that her watercolours seemed bright compared to others when exhibiting not realising that one had to use a lot of water when painting in watercolours. For her it was more about colour that water.

When Pascale moved to England she tried to paint "A l'Anglaise" but it was not bright enough for her. When looking for a new medium she discovered pastels.

Over the years Pascale has painted almost every subject and there is no subject she would not tackle as long as she likes it and can visualise it as a simple drawing and reduce it to its essential lines.

She now paints mainly in soft pastel, acrylics, mixed media, watercolour pencils and ink. Based in Stourbridge she is available for demonstrations in the Midlands.