Mike Skidmore

Oil on Canvas, Acrylics
Portraits, Still Life
S, W

Mike studied as a portrait painter at art college, but didn't really pursue his career as a painter until some time later, after a number of years as "an average musician, who did quite well because volume and enthusiasm covered many faults".

Over the years Mike has mastered a number of traditional techniques that help him to create pictures of depth, drama and character. It is these techniques that he demonstrates uniquely, on canvasses that are about 50 x 60 because audiences were always jostling for position to see exactly what was happening".

Recently Mike has painted a number of well known people including Charley Boorman of 'Long Way Down' fame with Ewan McGregor (painted live at an event), and the CEO of Daler Rowney, also painted live at the Mall Galleries to launch the new Cryla acrylics range.

Mikes demonstrations are informative, engaging and great fun, with many anecdotes along the way to keep the smiles coming. Mike is also a motivational speaker, coach on creative development and innovation, and former radio presenter for the BBC where he presented a "modest arts review programme that I know my mum never missed, whilst the rest of the world definitely did!"

Mike is 51, married, soon to be free of kids to Uni (YEEEESSSS!!!!), and lives in Lechlade in Gloucestershire.

If you would like to view more of Mikes work please go to www.mikeskidmoreonline.com