Matthew Davison


Matthew Davison is a landscape painter based in Devon, he completed a foundation at Bradford School of Art in 1975 and went on to Dip AD in Photography and Printmaking. He works in charcoal oils & acrylics, building many layers of paint and uses different methods to reveal areas. He likes obscurity in his paintings, not telling the whole story, letting the viewer use their imagination.

Devon, and Dartmoor in particular, are his inspiration, his practice is straight-forward, observation, drawing and painting en plein air. He likes to have the feeling of ‘being there’ in his work. People ask him if he uses photography in his paintings because of his former work as a professional photographer, but he doesn’t feel the camera can capture the nuances the eyes and brain perceive.

Atmosphere, imagination and expression are important to him in a painting. These elements become a transformation of memory and observation into a new thing, a painting with a life of its own. Most of his working life was in the creative industries, television and film as Director of Photography, an award winning cinematographer, stills photographer and theatre & opera lighting designer.

Matthew has Education and Training Foundation certifications, Prevent for Practitioners and Safeguarding.

“Looking through lenses all my life, observing and creating light on set and stage, painting has always re-invigorated the creative process for me beyond the strictures of the camera.In painting I seek the pure joy and drama of landscape, its form and how it is affected by light.”

Demonstrations Matthew uses acrylics and oils in demonstrations, his approach is deft and expressive. He works from small drawings and paintings done in the landscape capturing the essence and atmosphere. These drawings are then used to work from in studio. In demonstrations Matthew shows his process and practice how this develops into large scale paintings. He refers to Art History in his demos and workshops particularly mid- 20th Century painting.

Workshops Matthew’s workshops can be in oil or acrylic. He looks at how to construct a successful painting, loosening up mark making and use of colour in simple and complex palettes. He also explores the use of peripheral view, observation, imagination, atmosphere and personal response.

To see more of his work you can visit his website

Based in Devon Matthew is happy to travel to most areas with expenses.