Lucie Cookson

Oils, Pastels, Pencils, Line & Wash
Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Life Drawing
S, London

Trained at Brighton University Lucie has exhibited internationally and has won several awards for her Painting. Her work has been in the National Portrait Gallery, The Kremlin and more locally Pallant House. She has an impressive client list of portrait commissions and is known for producing stunning Portraits that deliver so much more than the sitter's likeness.

Lucie teaches at her own school of art Tidy St. in West Sussex. she specializes in oil paint techniques as well as running regular life drawing and pastel workshops. Her relaxed and entertaining approach puts students at ease and her ability to explain complex ideas with accessible language means that her classes and demonstrations are quick to book up.

Based in West Sussex Lucie is happy to travel up to 50 miles and anywhere in London.

The following subjects are Lucie's most popular demonstrations but she is happy to take on other requests.

How to create a landscape in oils.
Demonstration includes painting a realistic sky with clouds, mountains or beach scene.

Impressionism in oils or acrylics
The palette and materials needed to create an impressionist landscape painting. Lucie will take you step by step through the technique from which coloured ground to use, brush technique and how to mix your colours.

Painting a portrait in oils from a photograph
Lucie has had her photorealist portraits exhibited in the BP portrait award at the National Portrait gallery and enjoys demonstrating her own pioneering techniques to achieve a photo realist finish.

Sight size
The Sight Size Method is a method of constructing realistic drawings with great accuracy that has been used to draw and teach drawing and painting for centuries. It is a method by which anyone with any amount of experience can set up and execute a realistic drawing or painting. Lucie will take you through this method in terms of creating a portrait or still life and you won't believe your results!

Still life in oils or pastels
Lucie breaks down the method into easy steps and shows how working with negative space and using simple drawing techniques you can create a fantastic still life,

Drawing a pastel portrait with pastel pencils
This demonstration can be done with photographs or a model. With just a few colours Lucie shows how in a short space of time you can create realistic flesh tones and a beautiful portrait. Just follow the steps one colour at a time for great results.

Painting and drawing birds and animals.
Lucie worked on several well known step by step books on this subject. She will take you through how to start your drawing or painting, creating texture and breathing life into your subject.

Painting a portrait like Rembrandt
Lucie spent time in Italy learning the Florentine Academy School technique. She demonstrates how to work with Rembrandts limited palette as well as the materials and techniques he used.