Lewis Hazelwood-Horner

Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils, Pencils, Line & Wash, Gouache, Mixed
Figures, Landscape, Still Life, Photoshop

I studied at Central Saint Martin's school of art and then went on to pursue my passion of painting and drawing at LARA. My training is chiefly centered around the skill of drawing with the ability to draw accurately depicting what I see before me.

The basis to my own practice is draftsmanship and with my solid grounding of drawing and painting I apply these fundamentals of technique to many different mediums.

With my workshops I start with an introduction talk and demonstration about the Sight size method explaining how it can executed effectively. I then elaborate this conversation to tools that can be used to aid the Artists practice for example butterfly affect with standard mirrors and the importance of Claude glass. There will be a practical warm up where students will be given quick five minuet tasks and then we proceed onto the main practical study of the workshop where I will give critical feedback for each individual as they are working as well as talks about the different stages that are involved in building up a work.

Based in North London I am happy to travel to most areas with expenses.

For more examples of my paintings please visit my website www.lewis-hazelwood.co.uk