Kate Cochrane

Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Gouache, Mixed

As a colourist painter I transform what I see into a mosaic of shapes and colour, considering tone, colour contrast and composition. I have used a variety of subject matter from still-life, landscape, skeletons, people, to sea and rocks. I work on elements within landscapes and am currently considering rocks and derelict castles.

Earlier work has used my love of traditional stories exploring their darker layers to express deep emotions, whether they be born of frustration, turmoil, anger, or of joy and empowerment. Spending time in Tasmania as well as my locality in the West Country has given me an opportunity to use a wealth of images. In particular I enjoy the play of ground and fore ground, textures, shapes and spaces between elements, pulling out a rich tapestry of colour. Recent work has been inspired by the Tasmanian eucalypts and landscapes; as well as the warm tones of Somerset fields and hedgerows.

I am available for demonstrations and mini workshops within a radius of 1.5 hours travel from Frome, Somerset.

To view more of my work please visit www.katecochrane.org