Jonathan Newey

"Lemon Tree"

Acrylics, Pencils
Architecture, Wildlife, Abstract

Jonathan Newey is an award winning artist with over 20 years of experience in drawing and painting. He comes from a long line of artists in the family and has extensive experience in a wide range of mediums and subject matter, with particular emphasis on wildlife and landscapes.

He has over 10 years experience as a lecturer for Reading Adult and Community College, is a member of the Reading Guild of Artists and the Society of Amateur Artists.

He has exhibited both locally and nationally and has won numerous awards for his watercolour pictures. As can be seen, he specialises in atmospheric watercolour paintings and pencil drawings depicting the natural world and animals in their natural habitat.

He is an active supporter of environmental issues concerning the conservation of wildlife and their habitats and is proud to be a member of the David Shepherd Conservation Foundation.

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