Jill Buckingham

Oils, Pastels, Mixed
Portraits, Pets, Wildlife, Art Psychotherapy, Landscape, Skies, Birds, Buildings, Still Life

All her life an artist, Jill is 'enthused, touched and excited by nature, and humanity'.

Jill is here to share that enthusiasm and excitement with you through her wealth of experience in art and her art as a lifestyle. For example; on her travels, painting portraits on whitewashed walls in Goan villages in India; sketching the family of the nurse who opened their home to Jill after an accident on arrival in Vancouver, Canada; sketching from life on seafronts and in tavernas in Crete, and later at craft and agricultural shows around the UK. Her fascinating and yet bizarre training and pre-training as an art psychotherapist and subsequent career in that field, and the winning and painting of large scale portrait commissions of dignitaries lend yet more depth and interest to her still-evolving journey.

Jill offers the following demonstrations, talks and workshops:

PORTRAIT IN SOFT PASTELS DEMO Jill sketches a head and shoulders likeness of your sitter from life, in soft pastels, explaining and answering questions as she goes. An informal chat and Q & A will follow.

TIBETAN PLATEAU ADVENTURE - Talk This talk comes with a selection of art that sprang from this adventure; the sketches made en route and the later oil paintings and pastel paintings inspired by the journey. For five weeks our group of six, along with a guide and porters, set off in the expansive wilderness of the mountains of the Himalay. Stunning photographs capturing our experience are also shared.

ART PSYCHOTHERAPY - Talk This is a talk on being an art psychotherapist working in health, social services and education. A fascinating experience that I love to share with you. Nothing confidential, of course - rather, what it is and how and why it works with images to demonstrate. We can talk about why and how this may be relevant to you and how we can be playful again, as artists, as we were in childhood.

The above talk can lead to the following workshop

ART AND INSIGHT EXPERIENCE This fun workshop will give you an experience of the energy that arises and the inspiration received when tapping into the unconscious. We use new and recycled art materials together with found objects. Playful themes and games will direct your energies.

TONAL PORTRAIT PAINTING WORKSHOP In this workshop we use a limited palette of 3 or 4 soft pastel colours. This allows us to focus on finding good form and a good likeness. You will learn to love this highly accessible, versatile, delicious medium. We all work together as one, from one photograph; step-by-step, stage-by-stage. Though if you do go rogue – I embrace it! Each of you will have a completed portrait painting to take home and can use the workshop experience to feel more confident painting portraits again. This is a relaxed and playful workshop where you are sure to learn.

Jill is happy to travel 30 miles+ with expenses.

For more examples of my painting please visit my website www.jillbuckingham.co.uk