George Boyter

Oils, Pastels, Pencils, Line & Wash, Watercolours, Charcoal
Composition, Tonal Values, Landscapes, Clouds & Reflections, Drawing Techniques, Abstract, Life Drawing
S, M, HC

George is a professional artist who lives near Oxford, though he originally hails from picturesque Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland. He trained at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. After an award-winning career in Advertising, he renewed his love for painting in watercolours by going on a week-long course of workshops with the renowned master of the medium, Alvaro Castagnet. Last year he spent a week in Girona studying under another master - Joseph Zbukvik and recently, once again, with Alvaro. He brings the teaching methods of these world famous artists to his Demos and Workshops.

George hosts his own Watercolour Courses and Weekends in Sydenham, Oxfordshire and also takes classes at The Courtyard Studios, Claydon House, Phoenix Studios and Henley School of Art. He holds a Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education, has studied Anatomy and is a skilled drawer, hosting regular Life Drawing Classes.

Recommendations “I love George’s teaching style, he always makes the lessons fun and is very motivational. He always manages to see something positive in your work, which is really encouraging.” Julie Bailey “George’s teaching style is relaxed, friendly, engrossing and informative far beyond expectations. When demonstrating how to design, execute and complete a painting using this complicated medium George is first class.” Domenic Bertelli “I’ve been lucky enough to have some sampler art sessions with George. As a complete beginner myself I have found his teaching style to be fun, informative and engaging. He is very knowledgeable in various mediums but he certainly comes into his own when teaching us watercolour techniques. Anyone who has the chance to spend time with George will certainly not go away disappointed.” Lynn Dixon

Demonstrations and Workshops: PLANNING YOU WATERCOLOUR This takes us through the 4 stages of a successful watercolour painting. The Drawing, The Wash, Wet-in-Wet, Dry Brush. I’ll demonstrate and explain clearly, as I paint, each of these stages.

COMPOSITION Before you pick up your pencil or brush, what should you consider when it comes to composition? This demonstration explains important basics by looking at shapes – big, medium and small. It shows how to create a focal point, where to place it and how to lead the viewer’s eye towards it. I’ll explain how to treat Foreground, Middle Ground and Background and what to put there. The demonstration will explain this so that you can plan your compositions more effectively.

TONAL VALUES Tonal values create the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional surface. In this demonstration I paint an entire scene in monochrome, using 2 light tones and 2 dark tones, to show how manipulating tone is essential to successful watercolour landscape painting.

CLOUDS There’s more than one way to paint clouds of course but I’ll demonstrate a way that really works for me - the lovely fluffy clouds we’re so familiar with in England. They can be summery one minute and you can make them stormy in next to no time, just like our weather.

REFLECTIONS There are different types of reflections so I’ll demonstrate 2 of these – hard and soft. Lovely soft lapping waves reflecting sky and creating the illusion of distance as well as the sharp edged reflections of the hulls of boats in water.

FIGURES Painting people needs constant practice to take away the fear many people feel when it comes to this vital subject. This demo shows how to do it, what consistency of pigment to use, how to ensure you get those all-important proportions just right and how to create movement in your figures rather than leaving them static.

WATERCOLOUR CLINIC An opportunity for people to bring along their own work to receive constructive feedback whether it be for tips on technique or ways to develop their style.