David Wilcox

Watercolour, Acrylics
Dance, Figures, Landscapes, Racehorses

Born in 1950, David was educated and spent his early years in the West Midlands. After studying painting and Art History at Bournville School of Art, he studied under Brendon Neiland, the Photo-Realist painter at Wolverhampton College of Art and Design.

He graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art in 1978 and followed this with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with Distinction at Birmingham College of Art and Design. After teaching in Devon for three years he became a professional artist in 1983.

As a watercolourist David uses the traditional English technique of many transparent washes, allowing the white of the paper to create the highlights. By contrast, in his canvases, David has been using the Baroque technique of pulling the image out of a dark background for dramatic effect. His repertoire encompasses a wide variety of subjects including The Dance, landscapes and figure studies. He is at present collaborating with the Birmingham Royal Ballet in a series of works, exploring aspects of dance with a greater emphasis on dynamic composition and colour.

David's work is well represented in collections across the British Isles and has been included in exhibitions at Wolvcrhampton Municipal Art Gallery, Sheffield City Art Gallery, Plymouth City Art Gallery, and has been published in open and limited editions in Britain and New York.