David Stockwell

Themes in Art History
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Lectures on Art History available from David Stockwell B.A., (Fine Art) formerly Head of art at The Manchester Grammar School, former schools' inspector and Chair of Examiners for OCR in Art and Art History at A level.

Currently David lectures to various groups, amateur and professional including lectures on cruise ships. His individual talks have been developed from the teaching of art to GCSE and A level students for their personal and related studies. It breaks away from the chronological history of art and looks at overall themes such as “Landscape”, “Portraiture” or “The Nude” in art.

The Programme of lectures includes:

The Art of Illustration. Illuminated manuscripts, early woodcuts, wood engravings of Bewick etc. Famous names of illustration: Cruikshank, Beardsley, Walter Crane, Beatrix Potter, E.H. Shephard, Edward Ardizzone, Quentin Blak etc.Children's illustrators.

Art and Politics. Presentation includes study of Hogarth and his satirical heirs Rowlandson and Gilray. Goya and the disasters of war. Daumier, Picasso's Guernica, Paintings and sculpture under Hitler and Stalin. The political context of American Abstract Expressionism, political posters and cartoonists.

Light and Dark. A study of the use of light and dark in painting both physical and metaphorical beginning with an overview of Chiaroscuro in painting – Caravaggio, Rembrandt,Vermeer, Georges de la Tour, Velazquez, Wright of Derby. Moving on to Goya, Hopper , Sickert and Stephen Conroy. Darkness in terms of gloom, fantasy, depression evident in Blake, John Martin, Fuseli, Goya, Arnold Bocklin, Picasso (Guernica), Magritte, Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko,And finally light in a spiritual sense “The light of Christ” as evident in La Tour, Rembrandt, Holman Hunt.

Portraits. A study of portraits throughout the ages from Classical Greece and Rome to the present day.

Posters. A visual history of posters and appreciation of the art of poster design.

Women Artists. “Why are there so few women painters?” Gender roles and gender politics. Lack of talent or lack of opportunity? How is this different today?

Children in Art. How have children been portrayed in art from one historical period to the next? The romantic idealisation of childhood, the reality, the affects of sickness and death. The role of the cherub or putti etc.

Still Life or “Nature Mort” as the French call it. What has been the fascination with the recording of objects amongst artists over time? Early Dutch painters of flowers, fruit and game, Cezanne and cubism, Morandi a modern specialist.

Animals in Art. Art for the naturalist, the hunter and the farmer. Animals painted as pets, as livestock and as zoological curios.

The Image of Christ. How has Jesus been depicted over time and across different nations and cultures

The Female Nude. Why has the naked female form been so popular as a subject for painters and sculptors? Is it all about male sexual gratification? Is it simply because the majority of artists and patrons have been men?

The Male Nude. Why has the naked male been so hidden and protected? Is this all about male power?

Other titles: Health, Sickness and Death in art. What is art? Town and Cityscapes. Landscape. Marine Art (or Sea-Scape) Mother and Child. Self Portraits. Printmaking. Pastel. The Art of Barcelona. The influence of other cultures on Western art. Also talks on individual artists or groups such as : The Pre-Raphaelites, Expressionism, Manet and Monet, British Art, Spanish Art etc..

Although based in Cheshire David is available for talks in the North and South of the country.