Chris Christoforou

"Emma - Leopard"

"Outbuildings - Wales"
Acrylic Ink


Chris Christoforou has been a professional artist for 30 years and has built an international reputation for his work, since he started as a commercial artist. He is well known for his depictions of wildlife, although he enjoys painting all manner of different subjects. He has written many articles for art magazines on various art materials, including his own painting techniques.

By popular demand, Chris has constructed a number of illustrated talks which have proved to be very popular with art societies and clubs. They are very informative, factual and dazzling presentations with stunning photography. He explains why particular photographic shots were taken and how they are used as reference for paintings or drawings. He talks about good composition and how to use certain photographs and what to look for in a piece of reference material.

'In Search of Tigers' is a talk based on a field trip Chris undertook to Rhanthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, India. The talk shows the amazing landscapes, skies and diversity of birds and animals, in India's 'Jewel in the Crown' of national parks. He illustrates his quest to find the rare and elusive wild Bengal Tigers for his paintings, whilst observing the wildlife and ancient temples, now reclaimed by the jungles of Rhanthambhore. This is a true 'Jungle Book' experience.

'The Beauty in Your Backyard'. This talk illustrates the sheer beauty and wealth of incredible reference material that can be taken within the vicinity of your own backyard. Chris shows examples of the amazing birds, animals, flowers, landscapes, skies and local wildlife that can be used in paintings or drawings. He also includes samples of reference material taken for the more unusual backgrounds. He also points out the important use of light in the reference material and shows examples. This slide show presentation is informative, inspiring and useful to all that have an interest in art and the world around them.

'Living with Big Cats - An Artist's View'. Big Cats have featured extensively in Chris's life and work. In the past, he lived with them on a full time basis and helped to hand rear many young cats, the best 'hands on' experience any artist painting wildlife could ever have. This talk shows the many examples of cats that Chris has painted and looked after, from the beauty and majesty of the Snow Leopard to the sheer power and awesome sight of the Black Panther. He shows examples of how he has used the experience and knowledge he gathered whilst living at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire. This talk also illustrates how images of captive animals in enclosures, can be created to simulate wild settings, using the art of composition and cropping of photographs. This talk is an exotic experience of wild proportions and a must for all lovers of art, big cats and wildlife.

'The Moderm Masters of Realism'. The Modern Masters is an illustrated talk and celebration of the huge artistic talent that exists worldwide today. The talk highlights some stunning examples of works by artists such as David Gray, Serge Marshennikov, Nelson Shanks and many more. Chris will give some comparisons and reference to the 'Old Masters' who have inspired and influenced the new generation of 'masters'. A wide variety of subjects will be covered in the talk from figurative, classical art, landscapes to wildlife. All the works shown are beautifully produced by the new masters of the modern age. This talk will amaze and inspire all admirers of great art and painting.

'Flights of Fantasy'.This new and exciting talk by Chris Christoforou is an exploration into the increasingly popular genre of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art. The talk features many of the great fantasy and science fiction artists such as Frank Frazetta, Michael Parkes and Brian Froud. With a peek into their mystical and fantastic worlds, we will see strange lands with even stranger inhabitants with art that only the most creative minds can produce. This is an opportunity not to be missed as Chris will explain some of the processes of how such work is produced. There will be references to the fantasy painters of the past such as Arthur Rackham who had a great influence on many of the top fantasy painters of modern times. Do join us with what will prove to be an experience that is totally different, informative and thoroughly entertaining.

'The Modern Surrealists'.The Illustrated talk by Chris Christoforou on The Modern Surrealists is a journey into the minds and work of the new breed of surrealists. It opens up new emotions you never thought possible, delivered from the inner souls of these creative artists. Many examples will show true imagination, sometimes scary, sometimes bizarre and most often very uplifting. Questions arise as to why an artist has chosen to paint a subject in such a way, so an analysis of some paintings will reveal a few of the answers to those questions. Chris has experience in painting surrealism and fantasy art. He will compliment his talk by showing some examples of his own original artwork in this exciting field. Modern surrealism is a view into other dimensions and inner worlds that is only possible in the human mind and a sneak preview should never be missed.