Chris Barclay

Pencils, Charcoal, Mixed Media
Observational Drawing, Life Drawing, Sculpture

Chris has been a professional sculptor for 25 years, producing work in all materials including bronze, stone and steel. Based in York Chris is offering a series of demonstrations and workshops as detailed below.

Observational Drawing: 'There are great painters, and there are great draughtsmen, but there are no great painters who were not also great draughtsmen'.

How we See: Impediments to creativity and how to overcome them. We are all creative beings, but ideas in the mind, habitual thoughts and ideas colour and obscure the world from view, ..... learn to see clearly and then we can draw.

Understanding Abstraction: All art is abstract, what it meands and its significance to all artists, touching on basic design, composition and begin to explore our responses to art.

Life Drawing where practical

Portrait Modelling in clay where practical.

Chris is available for events nationwide (with mileage/expenses).

Feedback from Chris' students.

I got a lot more than drawing practice from this course. Through applied philosophical discussion and thinking, learnt in observational exercises I achieved unexpected personal developments. An improvement of my drawing skills was almost a bonus. Deeply enjoyable and worthwhile class. Mary, April 2012

More of an experience than a course. Chris focuses on the mindset rather than the skills. I was shocked at how much I had progressed after one class alone. The classes are inspirational. Angela, April 2012

A great introduction to drawing in a supportive environment with a strong element of philosophy thrown in for good measure! I have learnt that the longer you look the more you see which oddly is a surprising revelation. Cathrine, April 2012