Adrian Clamp

"Elvis Costello"
Acrylic on canvas - 30x30 inches

"Valldemossa, Majorca"
Acrylic on paper - 22x30 inches
Oils, Acrylic, Mixed, Watercolour
Figures, Garden
N, M, S

Working from observation and photographic material I am able to impart an understanding, and knowledge through appropriate selection and execution using a range of skills. With an emphasis on the philosophy of colour, and the handling of materials I will provide students on all levels with a very good foundation for drawing and painting practice.

My paintings and drawings have been accepted for exhibition and loans to the National Portrait Gallery, London, the Cleveland International Drawing Biennale, Middlesbrough, and Walsall Art Gallery. Monets' Gardens, Giverny, France was a location where I worked as an artist in residence. Winsor and Newton have employed me for demonstrations in the Midlands and the North of England.

The focus is figurative, thematic work including portraiture, landscape and still-life, orientated study, developed in oil, acrylic, charcoal or graphite, using canvas, board, and paper as a ground.

I provide talks on my personal work, demonstrations on painting, master classes and beginners workshops are a focus for my teaching for art societies and art colleges.

Regions for demonstrations and talks-The South, North, and the Midlands.

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